Ideas To Spoil Mum This Mother's Day

Kids, one way you can show how much you love Mum is with these free activities and ideas. 

You can simply download, print and complete or use our ideas and come up with your own version to give to Mum on Mother’s Day
• Artwork - Make some artwork and turn into a card for Mum. 
• Award - Fill in Mum’s name and tell her why you think she is the best
• Bookmark - Colour in a bookmark with Mum's favourite colors or design your very own.
• Treasure Hunt - Write heart shaped ‘Why I love you’ notes and hide them throughout the house. You can write clues on the back of each note to lead her to the next clue. If that is too tricky, you can simply play Hot/Cold or just leave them for her to find in the coming days. 
• Make her a paper origami flower 
• Treat her to Breakfast in Bed with pancakes! 

Really, the greatest gift you can give your Mum this Mother’s Day is spending quality time with her. 

Some more ideas include: 

• Do a jigsaw together 
• Write her a poem 
• Play a family game (choose Mum's favourite!)
• Give her a hand or foot massage
• Plan a picnic in the backyard
• Do Mum's jobs for the day

We hope you enjoy creating your own surprise for Mum. Find some more Mother's Day gift ideas here

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums.