Beenleigh Marketplace is aiming to make 2022 just that little bit easier for deserving local schools, sporting or community groups, by establishing a community grant for their benefit.

The Beenleigh Marketplace Community Grant program aims to assist by providing local schools, sporting clubs or not-for-profit organisations with a $300 Beenleigh Marketplace Gift Card to groups that support, promote or keep the community active.  There is one $300 Beenleigh Marketplace Gift Card to be awarded each month.

To nominate your local group, simply ensure you fall within the selection criteria and complete the form below. Please attach any other supporting information which you think would assist in outlining your cause. 

Selection criteria:

  • Must be a registered charity, local school or local non-for-profit group operating within the Logan City Council Local Government Area.
  • All submissions are valid for a 12 month period from 1 August 2021. 
  • Monthly submissions are reviewed between the 1st - 7th of every month and the winner will be contacted via email or phone.
  • Beenleigh Marketplace reserves the right to pause or cease the Community Grants Program at anytime before 1 August 2022.


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